Monday, August 04, 2008

Tesla by: Marko Rakić - RS

12 Tesla by Filip Bojovic Idea Marko Rakic The goal here is not to generate an insult directed towards the great serbocroatianoamerican mind such as Tesla, but rather to emphasize a problem of mystification or even intentional mythologization of inventor's personal life and achievements. We are fascinated by this everlasting narrative drama and multitude of heavily subjective interpretations surrounding Tesla's life. His famous electrified cat and the Secret Weapon that will eventually save the Serbs from the cosmic injustice, are just a fraction of a collective “Tesla Fantasy” we cultivate. Could this irrationalism and mystifications derive from the same ethnic, or even linguistic source that created Saint Sava myths centuries ago ? Well, if you take a deep insight into the old age semantics, and analyze the very interplay of the words and meanings in these myths, you could grasp some clue about the mystification that society traditionally produce as an answer to the phenomenon of a genius. This is why we feel obliged to leave these myths untranslated for thereby they cannot be. By: Marko Rakić

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